Party Recipe International Corporation

Events &

  • Sound Hire
  • Artist Booking
  • Event Management
  • Wedding Planning
  • Event Marketing
  • AV Operations
  1. Based in Goa
    Local knowledge is the best tool for events.
  2. Experience team
    In the hospitality business since 1997
  3. International Work
    All have worked and lived abroad.
  4. Easy Going
    Its easy to talk to us. Try it. We keep it simple.
Weekly Regular Events
  1. Karaoke at Leda Lounge
    Karaoke at Leda Lounge
  2. Goodmans Karaoke
    Goodmans Karaoke
  3. Boomerang Karaoke Disco
    Boomerang Karaoke Disco
  4. Mickey's Restaurant
    Mickey's Restaurant
  5. Heritage Village Karaoke
    Heritage Village Karaoke
  6. Starlight New Town
    Starlight New Town
Y PR Karaoke?
  1. English Collection
    The best you can find with the oldest songs and the latest tracks with good quality backing tracks and scrolling lyrics.
  2. Russian Karaoke
    We have a good system in place which makes it easy for your Russian guests to find the songs they want without us speaking the language.
  3. Best Setup
    We use the latest technology and software to offer a professional show with no breaks and dull moments. We are known for our fantastic sound setting.
  4. Bollywood Party
    We have most of the popular bollywood tracks and know which ones will excite your guests.
  5. Professional Hosts
    We generally have a professional karaoke singer who hosts the shows to start off the evening till the guests get in the mood.
  6. Popular Entertainment
    Karaoke is easily the most popular entertainment you can find in Goa today.
  7. Karaoke Disco
    We have a selection of dance tracks to play in case your guest get in the dancing mood. Our mixing skills are professional.